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Due to the excellent quality and reliability of our products, the company benefits from high customer retention rates and particularly strong customer relationships. atecom´s™ technological Know-How as well as the quality, reliability and flexibility of our innovative product series is well above market standard, particularly for challenging customer requirements in complex, international network infrastructures. Thanks to the quality of our products and services, atecom™ has established a broad and prestigious international customer base including market leaders like Swisscom, Telekom Austria, SRG, WDR, Eutelsat, Telefonica O2, NTL, Japan Telekom or T-Systems. Transparent handling of MPEG streams allows for wides field of application, like DVB-T/T2, and support of various standards independent of the content of the streams. All our products are designed in accordance to all applicable standards, ensuring highest interoperability.

Universal Network Adapter

The Eagle AE-1, the latest member of our product range, supports transport of MPEG-Streams over Ethernet/IP as well as SDH or PDH networks. In its basic configuration the Eagle provides 8 DVB-ASI channels, configurable as input or output, 2 * 1GE interfaces (1000BaseT/X), 8 * MPEG-TS switches and analyzers. Additional hardware modules for SDH (1 * STM-16 / OC-48c or 2 * STM-1/4 / OC-3c/12c), PDH (4 * E3/DS3), and 2 * 1GE are available.

SDH- and PDH network adapters

The wide choice of supported services and scalable bandwidth enables the design of a transport platform exactly matching your requirements. Merlin MK-II is a compact and cost-effective network adapter for transmission of up to 6xMPEG-TS over PDH, SDH, ATM or dark fiber networks, ideal suited for installations with single, non-redundant network access. Transparent MPEG stream handling supports operation in SFN applications. atecom´s™ Falcon AF-32 carries multiple services (ASI, E1/T1, ETH etc) over contribution and distribution networks using PDH, SDH, ATM and dark fiber. It is the perfect solution for complex network layouts ensuring with its intransigent redundancy concept highest reliability in 24/7 operation.

ASI/IP gateways

Transparent MPEG stream handling and superior clock recovery supports operation in SFN applications. The ASI/IP gateway series from atecom include Birdie DV-2 MK-II and Eagle AE-1. Birdie DV-2 is a full featured, compact1/2 19” 2-port DVB-ASI/IP network adaptor and perfectly suits for small studios, transmitter sites, event locations, and OB-VANs being covered by an Ethernet network connection. For a higher port density up to 8 x ASI ports, redundancy, and additional functionalities, like seamless switching, choose our Eagle AE-1. Both come with 1000BaseT/X network interface.


Advanced MPEG-TS Protection Switches

atecom™ provides one of the most advanced MPEG-TS protection switching functionality available in the market. It prevents from service outages caused by equipment failure or errors being introduced by disturbed transmission lines. This powerful feature set is available for DVB-ASI as compact 1/2 1RU with one MPEG-TS switch (Raven AR-1) or as plug-in module for our Falcon AF-32 series. The Eagle AE-1 provides 8 internal MPEG-TS switches, where the input streams for the switches can be provided via DVB-ASI, IP, SDH, or PDH.


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