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Advanced DVB-ASI Protection Switching

The RAVEN AR-1 provides unique protection switching functionality for all kind of MPEG transport streams.


  • Automatic DVB-ASI MPEG-TS Protection Switching for Play-outs and Head-ends
  • Real Seamless Switching for redundant Distribution Networks

Key Features

  • Switching on missing program element PID repetition rate monitoring
  • Switching on DVB-ASI Carrier Loss and MPEG-TS Sync Loss
  • Seamless switching by eliminating differential delay between identical MPEG streams
  • MPEG-TS exchange in seamless switching mode
  • Mega-frame-aware switching in SFN networks

atecom´s™ RAVEN AR-1 provides the most advanced MPEG-TS protection switching available in the market. It prevents from service outages caused by equipment failure or errors being introduced by disturbed transmission lines. The RAVEN AR-1 comes as a compact ½ 1RU design. Two units can be mounted in 1RU. The transparent handling of the MPEG-streams, SPTS and MPTS, allows for application in SFN networks. Packet aligned protection-switching guarantees the integrity of the output stream. The switch provides a passive loop-through to assure the presence of an output signal even in case of a power failure or system reboot. In case of identical input signals (two copies of the same stream) the switches first synchronize the two inputs to enable seamless switching. The switches can eliminate a differential delay of up to 87.380 TS packets (~6s@20Mbps). Furthermore, if corrupted TS-packets can be identified either by the TEI (Transport Error Indicator) or an invalid MPEG-RS (204 Byte packet format), the switch can replace such packets by the corresponding packet from the other input, leading to an improved quality of the output stream compared to the individual input streams. For this kind of operation no external time reference, like GPS is required. In case of individual input streams, generated by different sources (Multiplexers), only a nonseamless protection switching can be performed. In this application, by monitoring the repetition rate of individual PIDs, a protection switching can also be forced by a missing service within the MPEG-TS.

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