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During more than 20 years of operation, atecom™ has developed a strong reputation for innovative solutions in transmission of broadcast content over broadband networks. atecom™’´s core business is development and production of DVB equipment that provides reliable and flexible transmission of DVB-T/T2/H/C/S content over SDH, PDH, ATM and IP networks as well as QoS enhancing´ products like seamless ASI switches. As a global industry leader, we are able to support you with extensive know-how and abundant experience in cutting-edge technology. Our transmission solutions offer the highest transmission quality far beyond industry standards at an affordable price. In addition, atecom™ offers first-class technical service. Our experts respond fast to the different questions and problems from our resellers and end customers. We are honest to help our customers find out the best solutions and to reduce the unnecessary hardware and software options. We also offer on-site installation service and on-site training to guarantee direct and correct use of our powerful equipments in the network.


Interconnecting studios or event locations with a central production site must offer a high degree of flexibility in the number, type and quality of the delivered services.


Delivering your services to transmitter sites or cable headends, require a high degree of redundancy to ensure fail-safe 24/7 operation, even in case of maintenance.

Advanced MPEG-TS Protection Switching

A leader in its field, atecom provides unique protection switching mechanisms on all stages of the transmission chain, protecting your mission critical services at its best.

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