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atecom™ offers a wide range of solutions for video and audio distribution in SFN networks. In addition to our product series Merlin (SDH/PDH/ATM) and Birdie (IP) for point-to-point transmission of network services, atecom™´s Falcon (SDH/PDH/ATM) can also aggregate and distribute network traffic, or add, drop and continue network traffic. It means that Falcon can realize complex redundant network layouts, like a tributary network structure, a redundant ring structure and the combination of the two. In this way, it eliminates the need for expensive network nodes and reducing the overall cost of the network infrastructure. Besides its advanced network functionalities, Falcon also provides the Network with full redundancy. In addition to redudant PSUs, network interfaces and controller cards, powerful error correction and ultra-fast protection switching on service level prevents against outages and impairment of services in case of network failures, Falcon can also be equipped with seamless ASI protection switch cards as well, which makes it a perfect solution for a redundant network.

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